DCL Structure

Scoring Rules for The Order of Merit

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       1.   Points will be allocated for each tie as follows:
       2.    Six points for an away win.
       3.    Three points for an away draw.
       4.    Four points for a home win.
       5.    Two points for a home draw.
       6.    If the tie is conceded with less than nine holes played, six points will be allocated for an away tie
              and four points for a home tie.
       7.    Points scored at each tie will be added to give a total score at the end of the season.
       8.    If the total points are equal, the total holes up will be used to decide a winner.
       9.    If a tie is conceded with less than nine holes played, the holes up will be recorded as 1 up.
       10.  If the match is conceded, the non-conceding team Manager to submit a result card listing the Players
              names that would have played on the night.
       11.  The player with the most points at the end of the season will win the Order of Merit Trophy.

              July 2023: Rule 9 added.