DCL Structure

Donald Cameron Foursome's Result 2013. Hilton Park Golf Club.

Monday 8th July Tuesday 9th July Thursday 11th July Friday 12th July Winners
Club Time Club Time Club Time Club    
Hilton Park A 5:00 Hilton Park A 5:00

Hilton Park A

5:00 Hilton Park A 5:30 Hilton Park
Bishopbriggs A
Hilton Park B 5:06 Balmore A
Bishopbriggs B
Balmore A 5:12 Hilton Park B 5:10 Hayston A
Dullatur A
Balmore B 5:18 Balmore B
Dullatur B
Ralston A (FTA) 5:24 Hayston A 5:20 Hilton Park B 5:10 Sandyhills A
Hayston A
Ralston B (FTA) 5:30 Kirkintilloch A
Hayston B
Lenzie A 5:36 Hayston B 5:30 Hayston B
Kirkintilloch A
Lenzie B 5:42 Kirkintilloch B
Kirkintilloch B
Clober A 5:48 Cawder A 5:40 Cawder A 5:20 Hilton Park B 5:45
Cawder A
Clober B 5:54 Windyhill A
Cawder B
Windyhill A 6:00 Cawder B 5:50 Douglas Park A
Palacerigg A
Windyhill B 6:06 Windyhill B
Palacerigg B
Douglas Park A 6:12 Douglas Park A 6:00 Cawder B 5:30 Sandyhills B
Milngavie A
Douglas Park B 6:18 Sandyhills A
Milngavie B
Bearsden A 6:24 Douglas Park B 6:10 Douglas Park B
Sandyhills A
Bearsden B 6:30 Sandyhills B
Sandyhills B
Hilton Park
The winning team of the DCL Foursomes 2013, Hilton Park
Steuart McLuckie Team Manager, Gordon McLean, Scott Thistleton, James Sutherland, Willie Gordon and David Donnet Club Captain.