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The Rules of The Andra Kirkaldy Cup

1.  A knock-out tournament for Past Captains of clubs invited by the Secretary of the Donald Cameron League.

2.  The maximum number of Teams is 16.

3.  Each team to consist of eight Past Captains, irespective of whether they are currently a Member.

4.  In the event of illness or holidays, any club can call on their current Captain or Vice Captain to make up their team to the required number.

5.  No club is allowed to play their current Captain or Vice Captain in preference to a Past Captain.

6.  In the first round only Clubs will play home and away, subsequent rounds will be played at the Club named first, until the final which will be
     played at a neutral venue.

7.  The format will be 4 four ball better ball matches.
8.  All games will play 18 holes, unless an overall result has been won.

9.  The total holes-up against holes-down from the 4 matches will decide the winners of each round.

10.  If the match finishes all square, a sudden death play-off will take place.

11. Any 2 players from the team of 8 can be selected to take part in the play-off.

12. To derive a players Playing Handicap when multiple tees are used, the following should be applied:

       Course Handicap = (Handicap Index X The Slope Rating / 113)
       Playing Handicap = (Course Handicap X 90%) + Difference in Course Ratings. Rounded to the nearest whole number.
       Adjust each Playing Handicap so the lowest handicap plays off zero.
13. The maximum Course Handicap allowance is 20.

14. Gents Play will be from the white tees, and Ladies from the Red Tees.

15. The first named club is the challenger and should offer a minimum of two dates, usually a weekend.

16. The R&A Rules and the Local Rules of the Host Club will apply except GPS devices, that measure distance only, may be used.

17. In the event of a dispute, the League Secretaries' decision will be final.

18. The Clubs participating are: Balmore, Bearsden, Bishopbriggs, Cawder, Clober, Douglas Park, Dullatur, Hayston, Hilton Park, Kirkintilloch, Lenzie,       Milngavie, Palacerigg, Ralston, Sandyhills and Windyhill.

     December 2019.
     April 2023