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The Inter Cities Cup Rules



              In 2006 a meeting took place between representatives from the “Donald Cameron League”, and the “Brand Putter League” from Glasgow,
              and the “Edinburgh Summer League”.  It was agreed at this meeting that the winners of the Boundary Bell (Winners of the DCL v BPL match)
              should play the winners of the Edinburgh Summer League.
             Those present were:-
             John Archibald         Secretary Edinburgh Summer League
             Brian Davidson         Secretary Donald Cameron League
             Stewart McFarlane    Secretary Brand Putter League
             Graham Ewart           Tournament Administrator 


Rule 1 The event is called ‘THE INTER CITIES CUP’.

Rule 2 The Inter Cities Cup is a match play event played on an annual basis between the winners of the Edinburgh Golf League
and the winners of the Boundary Bell (The winners of the Donald Cameron League v Brand Putter League match).

Rule 3 The event is run by a Committee consisting of the Tournament Administrator and the three League Secretaries.
The current incumbents are as follows:-

Tournament Administrator until 2009 - Graham Ewart
Tournament Administrator 2010 - Ian Printy
Tournament Administrator from 2011 - Ian McDonald
Secretary, Donald Cameron League - Brian Davidson
Secretary, Brand Putter League until 2010 - Stewart McFarlane
Secretary, Brand Putter League until 2011 - Peter Boyd
Secretary, Brand Putter League from 2011 - Ron Fairholm
Secretary, Edinburgh Golf League until 2008 - John Archibold
Secretary, Edinburgh Golf League from 2009 to 2010 - Graeme Wallace
Secretary, Edinburgh Golf League from 2011 to 2014  - Ian Printy
Secretary, Edinburgh Golf League from 2015 - Graeme Wallace

Rule 4 Changes to the format of the event will be made by the Committee.

Rule 5 The winners of the Inter Cities Cup will hold the trophy for one year and will see that it is suitably engraved.

Rule 6 The Final is to be played alternatively at a neutral venue in either Glasgow or Edinburgh on the first Sunday in October.  
Glasgow will host the Final in years ending in ODD numbers and Edinburgh will host the Final in years ending in EVEN numbers.
In the event of the Final not being played due to inclement weather on the first Sunday in October, the match will be rescheduled
for the second Sunday in October and if this date is also unsuitable then the match will be rescheduled for the last Sunday in April
of the following year.

Rule 7 The Host Club will be selected by the Committee and each League will nominate potential host venues at the start of each year.
The Host Club or an alternative Host Club is to also be placed on standby in the event of the Final not being played on the first or the
second Sunday in October.

Rule 8 The Host Club is to provide coffee/tea and a hot roll before the game and a two course meal and coffee/tea after the game to the
four neutral officials from the Inter Cities Cup Committee and the players and up to four officials from each of the participating Clubs as well.
The Sponsor is to pay for all the catering up to a maximum value of £600 however if a Sponsor is not in place the Clubs participating in
the Final will each have to pay the Host Club up to a maximum value of £300.00.

Rule 9 Teams consist of nine players and the names of each team member are to be lodged with the Tournament Administrator in the anticipated
playing order twenty four hours in advance of the final. Changes to the team members and order of play however can be made as long as they have
been registered with the Tournament Administrator one hour before play is scheduled to begin.
No changes will be permitted after that time.

Rule 10 Teams may not select a playerthat has already played for another team in the Edinburgh Golf League, the Donald Cameron League
or the Brand Putter League during the same playing season.  If the match is rescheduled for the following year, teams may not select a player
that was not a member of the participating club in the preceding year.

Rule 11 Teams will be awarded 1 point for their player winning their game and 1/2 point will be awarded to each team if the game is tied.
If the points are equal after the final game has been played, each club should nominate a player to play in a hole by hole sudden death play-off to decide
the winning club. Those of the Committee present on the day will decide which holes are to be played.

Rule 12 In the event of the Final not being finished because the course is unplayable only games that have been completed will count towards the final
score, however if no more than five games are finished, the Final will be replayed on an agreed date. Those of the Committee present on the day will
decide when a course is unplayable.

Rule 13 Any Club unable to fulfill the fixture will forfeit the match and the Inter Cities Cup will be awarded to the other participating club.

Rule 14 Players may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If a player uses a distance-measuring device that is
designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of
Rule 14-3 of the Rules of Golf, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.
This rule allows the use of distance-measuring devices which include GPS such as Sky-caddies.

April 2018.