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Inter Cities Cup 2015

The 2015 Inter Cities Cup was played at Balmore Golf Club on Sunday 4th October between Cawder Golf Club and Royal Burgess Golfing Society. The day was perfect for golf and the nine foursomes were set on their way by starter for the day Syd Spalding.
This would be Cawders third attempt at winning the Cup and Royal Burgess fourth attempt. The match was close at the top end of the order with each team scoring 3 points after six matches were completed. Cawder prevailed at the end of the groupings winning 2.5 points to Burgess 0.5 points. This resulted in Cawder winning the cup for the third time.


The winning Cawder Team: Martin Lamb, Lindsey Miller, Graeme Cross, Team Manager from 2005 Kenny Graham, Andy Fairbairn,
Currnt Team Manager and Player Ryan Smith, Gordon Miller, Jamie Savage, Callum Fyfe and Cawder Vice Captain John Galbraith.

Inter Cities Cup Committee:
Ian McDonald
Tournament Administrator, Dave Weir Secretary Edinburgh Golf League
Brian Davidson Secretary Donald Cameron League, Ron Fairholm Secretary Brand Putter League.