DCL Structure

Donald Cameron Foursomes Draw 2023 to be held at Sandyhills Golf Club.

Tee Time
Mon 3rd July
Club Tee Time
Wed 5th July
Club Tee Time
Thu 6th July
Club Tee Time
Fri 7th July
Club Winners
5:30 Sandyhills A 5:30 Sandyhills A 5:30   5:30  


Palacerigg A
5:40 Sandyhills B Bearsden A
Palacerigg B
5:50 Bearsden A 5:40 Sandyhills B  
Douglas Park A
6:00 Bearsden B Bearsden B
Douglas Park B
6:10 Milngavie A 5:50 Clober A 5:40    
Clober A
6:20 Milngavie B Hayston A
Clober B
6:30 Balmore A 6:00 Clober A  
Hayston A
6:40 Balmore B Hayston B
Hayston B
Tee Time
Tue 4th July
Clubs     5:50  


5:30 Kirkintilloch A 6:10 Kirkintilloch A
Cawder A
5:40 Kirkintilloch B Hilton Park A
Cawder B
5:50 Hilton Park A 6:20 Kirkintilloch B  
Dullatur A
6:00 Hilton Park B Hilton Park B
Dullatur B
6:10 Glasgow A 6:30 Glasgow A 6:00    
Lenzie A
6:20 Glasgow B Windyhill A
Lenzie B
6:30 Bishopbriggs A 6:40 Glasgow B  
Windyhill A
6:40 Bishopbriggs B Windyhill B
Windyhill B
The 2022 winning Windyhill Team,
Stephen Lindsay Lenzie GC Referee , Kevin Smyth, Jason Millar, Fergus Allan,
John Paul McKeever and Alistair Forrest Douglas Park GC Referee.