DCL Structure

Donald Cameron Foursomes Draw 2019 @ Cawder Golf Club

Monday 1st July Wednesday 3rd July Thursday 4th July Friday 5th July Winners
Club Tee Time Club Tee Time Club Tee Time Club Tee Time
Cawder A 5:30 Hayston A 5:30 Dullatur A 5:30

Bishopbriggs A

5:30 Douglas Park
Hayston A
Cawder B 5:40 Dullatur A
Hayston B
Dullatur A 5:50 Hayston B 5:40 Bishopbriggs A
Palacerigg A
Dullatur B 6:00 Dullatur B
Palacerigg B
Lenzie A 6:10 Lenzie A 5:50 Dullatur B 5:40 Douglas Park A
Balmore A
Lenzie B 6:20 Bishopbriggs A
Balmore B
Bishopbriggs A 6:30 Lenzie B 6:00 Bishopbriggs B
Sandyhills A
Bishopbriggs B 6:40 Bishopbriggs B
Sandyhills B

Tuesday 2nd July

  6:10 Douglas Park A

Bishopbriggs B 5:45
Douglas Park A 5:30

Douglas Park A

Windyhill A
Douglas Park B 5:40 Kirkintilloch A
Windyhill B
Kirkintilloch A 5:50

Douglas Park B

6:20 Milngavie A
Clober A
Kirkintilloch B 6:00 Kirkintilloch B
Clober B
Hilton Park A 6:10 Bearsden A 6:30 Douglas Park B 6:00 Douglas Park B
Bearsden A
Hilton Park B 6:20 Milngavie A
Bearsden B
Glasgow A 6:30 Bearsden B 6:40 Milngavie B
Milngavie A
Glasgow B 6:40 Milngavie B
Milngavie B
Douglas Park
The 2019 winning Douglas Park Team.
Alistair Forrest Referee Douglas Park GC, Alan Dunipace DP Captain, Alistair Thomson, Hugh MacIntyre DP Team Manager,
Clark Nelson, Angus Watson, Stephen Wightman, Michael Giovanetti and Willie Abernethy Referee Bishopbriggs GC.