DCL Structure

The Rules of TheBoundary Bell

1.   The competition will be known as “The Glasgow Boundary Bell”, and will be played for annually between the respective winners of the
      Donald Cameron league and the Brand Putter League.

2.   The format of the match will be similar to that played during the normal league fixtures i.e. an eight man team plus reserve playing match play,       of scratch with two points being awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

3.   In the event of a draw the result of the reserve match shall decide the winner of the competition. if this match is also a draw then the
      competition will be decided in a sudden death play off between a selected representative from each side.

4.   The venue of the match will be arranged by the respective league secretaries and will alternate between a course of a Donald Cameron League
      club and a course of a Brand Putter League club.

5.   The date of the match will be the last Sunday in August.

6.   Players from the respective teams must be members of the Club they are representing.

7.   The local rules of the club at which the match is to be played will apply, subject to the use of distance measuring devices being permitted.

8.   The costs arising out of the holding of the match will be borne by the respective league winners, or as agreed mutually by the league

9.   In an attempt to promote the friendly aspect of the match every effort is to be made to have each team member sitting alongside his
      opponent at the after match meal.

10. In the event of the Final not being finished because the course is unplayable only games that have been completed will count towards the
     final score. However if no more than five games are finished, the Final will be replayed on an agreed date. Those of the Committee present on
     the day will decide when a course is unplayable.

11. A players Home club is an affiliated Club of which the player is a member, and this club shall administer the player’s handicap. If a player is a      Member of more than one Affiliated Club he must nominate one as his Home Club. Players in the Final are only eligible to play if their
     Home Club is a finalist, and they are representing that Club.

      Revised August 2018